Bamboo Massage, Dubai

AED 550 60 min
AED 750 90 min

When a simple Swedish massage session is no longer working for you or you are looking for some new soothing techniques to try out, then booking a Bamboo massage treatment is one of the best choices you could have made!

Prime Spa has a great massage center in Dubai, Deira, and will be happy to provide you with a bamboo massage or any other types of massage therapy that you have in mind! And in this article, you will be presented with an opportunity to learn whether or not bamboo massage is what you need to improve your mind-body connection.

How Bamboo Massage Therapy Works

Bamboo itself is known as a great renewable, and sustainable resource that has been implemented in a variety of spheres in Ancient China and Indonesia, special massage body therapy included. 

Bamboo has been used for centuries because of its healing properties, which is exactly why bamboo massage was invented in the first place:

  • Bamboo massage therapy will include your usual Swedish or deep tissue massage techniques but will use heated bamboo together with a lotion or massage oil in order to help you alleviate muscle tension, relieve any aches and pains and relax even more.
  • Bamboo canes used as massage tools get their heat from the heating pad and the towels placed on them. And then, already heated bamboo sticks will be applied to the skin of your body and will have different lengths in order to make the process more pleasant. This is needed so that you would not receive any unnecessary pains from long bamboo sticks that do not fit your shoulders or your lower back.
  • As bamboo massage therapy uses heated bamboo, you might notice that it reminds you of a hot stone massage. However, bamboo massage is a much more relaxing massage practice, especially for those of you who have never tried a hot stone one. What is more, bamboo massage therapy might be used as a calming massage technique that can prepare you for a session with hot stones, as its heat can be milder.
  • Bamboo cane replaces the hands of your massage therapist, which is why you might feel deeper pressure during your bamboo massage therapy. However, a professional masseuse will still implement all of the same gliding strokes that are used during deep tissue massage, for example.
  • What is more, there is also such a term as bamboo fusion massage. It is basically the same as the usual bamboo massage therapy, but some additional circulatory techniques are added to your session aside from bamboo canes, such as lymphatic drainage or shiatzu.

Think of a bamboo stick as a little helper that your Prime Spa massage therapist is using during your session, as it will ensure that your blood flow and lymphatic system are working better, which in turn will eliminate any pain in your tense muscles and improve your well-being as well.

Prime Bamboo Massage Advantages

The usage of bamboo stalks during your healing massage therapy session should have some advantages aside from a deep sense of relaxation; otherwise, they would not be implemented.

Believe us when we tell you that there are many benefits of massage therapy that is using bamboo canes in the process, and here you can learn about them a little bit more:

  • Bamboo treatment improves your skin texture and relaxes your face. Bamboo extract contains silica, which is exactly what helps your whole body in absorbing calcium, magnesium, potassium, and other essential minerals. The same silica has anti-irritant properties that ensure your skin's safety during the rhythmic bamboo massage process and can even help you to overcome eczema and psoriasis. A healthy glow on your skin and no signs of a headache are guaranteed after a few sessions of bamboo fusion massage!
  • In comparison with hot stones, bamboo stalks of varying lengths that are used by your massage therapist can help you to receive more of a pressure-point stimulating massage and thus improve your poor circulation and remove toxins faster. Such deep tissue work is also considered to be better for breaking down the fat cells and working through the connective tissue of muscles.
  • Due to the same improvement in blood circulation, lymphatic drainage, and sensory nerve perception that are responsible for the feeling of deep relaxation in your body, you will also notice certain psychological benefits related to your quality of sleep, especially when you have insomnia. Relieving muscular tension in the evening will also make it easier for you to fall asleep.
  • By helping to reduce the lactic acid volume in your body, you will also feel less pain and discomfort after your massage session made with the help of the bamboo sticks technique, which means that the quality of your workouts will also become better, and you will have an opportunity to feel relaxed after them.
  • Spinal pain is also something that could be taken away with the help of the hands of a licensed massage therapist and bamboo cane treatment. What is more, a well-timed solution to a problem connected with back pain that is made with the help of back massage therapy and a doctor's recommendations can save you from receiving a severe neuromuscular disease.

Get the Best Bamboo Massage in Dubai

Prime Spa, Deira, is the best European and Russian massage center and spa in Dubai, which means that you can rely on its therapists to provide you with a detoxifying bamboo massage in Deira that will reduce stress, improve the circulation of your blood, and lymph, relax your tight muscles and thus, leave you in complete harmony with your body and mind after your deep tissue massage session made with the help of bamboo canes.

Prime Spa has been working in Deira for more than two years and has ten excellent massage therapists for you to choose from. And if you do not like the warming sensation received from a bamboo massage, we will be happy to provide you with lots of other relaxation massage techniques! You might get yourself a scalp, neck, and facial massage therapy or a full body European massage that will also include your hands and feet.

Visit Prime, the best massage in Dubai, Deira, and we will help you choose the best therapy massage based on your needs or even recommend you to book a myofascial couples massage to try something new with your significant other!