Hot Stone Massage Dubai

AED 550 60 min
AED 750 90 min

Hot stone massage therapy has been a healing method to relieve pain for hundreds of years now. Except for the deep relaxation that this massage therapy provides, it is also known for stress relief and relaxation of tense muscles.

If you have already practiced European massage and couples massage, hot stone massage is a must to try!

Massage therapists of Prime Spa have extended experience in hot stone massage techniques. We are waiting for those who want to manage chronic pain and eliminate muscle tension every day at Crowne Plaza Hotel in Deira, Dubai.

What Is Hot Stone Massage At All?

As stated in the title of such massage therapy, it involves pre-heated stones, which have, in a sense, a detoxifying effect. The stones are heated to a particular temperature (too hot stones can damage the skin) and then applied to the skin. Warm stones prepare the tight muscles and relax them so that the massage therapist can apply deeper pressure.

In our massage center (Dubai), we only use high-quality stones that hold heat long enough to ensure a comfortable massage session and promote relaxation.

There is also another way to involve hot stones in the massage technique — to apply both hot and cold stones. These are slightly different techniques, but they also aim at relieving muscle spasms and fixing skin texture.

In Prime Spa, top-quality masters suggest two hot stone massage sessions, which last 60 and 90 minutes. If you are looking for a massage in Dubai, Prime Spa is a perfect place to tone your body and mind.

Hot Stone Massage Benefits

The hot stone massage is famous for its healing qualities. It affects the human organism from different sides, providing diverse treatments.

Any massage therapist practicing massage therapy with hot stones can confirm that it has many benefits. Let's take a closer look at those.

Your sleep improves

Recent studies demonstrated that hot stone massages increase your chances of having deep restorative sleep. When a massage therapist places hot stones on the skin, the heat helps to relieve stress, relax the nerves and eliminate anxiety. The best massage therapist can make a customer fall asleep straight on the massage couch.

It eases the painful conditions

Fibromyalgia pain or rheumatoid arthritis might significantly affect everyday life in a negative way. Luckily, scientists found the association between stone therapy and aches and pains in the whole body. Such a massage 'blocks' pain signals in a natural way, allowing the client to experience considerably less pain.

Besides, the research demonstrates that massage positively affects neuromuscular apparatus and connective tissue. For that reason, hot stone massage is one of the favorites among people with corresponding diseases and injuries.

It helps the immune system

When we discuss immune processes, we inevitably think of Swedish massage techniques. Swedish massage is known for its immune-boosting properties. Thus, as far as hot stone massage also includes long strokes, typical for Swedish techniques, massage therapists explain that such a stone massage does indeed help the immune system.

It improves blood circulation

Unlike, for instance, an aromatherapy massage, rhythmic rubbing and gliding movements performed during hot stone massage over the smooth lotion significantly affect the circulatory processes of the organism. These imply both blood and lymph. Such a massage helps treat headache symptoms just like a professional scalp, neck, and facial massage.

Deeper stimulation

Deep tissue massage is known for reaching the deepest points of the organism due to the high pressure applied by the masseuse. Hot stone application, however, is a moderate pressure massage therapy, which gives similar effects. The warmth of the stones 'penetrates ' the body cells, thus promoting relaxation and improving general health conditions.

It approaches cancer symptoms

Among cancer patients who experience pain, heat is considered to be one of the ways to eliminate symptoms, at least temporarily. According to several peer-reviewed studies, regular massage sessions with hot stones are also sometimes applied in clinical practice as a part of complementary therapies.

A self-love and self-care procedure

Even if you have been a cold stones fan for years, a hot stone is something you definitely have to try. The smell and texture of the massage oil that a therapist preliminarily puts on your skin will probably reduce stress even before the stones touch. Heated river stones are a key to a professional, relaxing massage. Complete detox and internal harmony are guaranteed. Some people call it wellness massage for the calming atmosphere and soothing feelings.

Things To Know Before Trying Hot Stone Massage

Sometimes medical conditions of a customer might restrict him or her from taking a hot stone massage. 

If you have any of the conditions listed below, please, have a consultation with a therapist before starting the session:

  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Heart disease
  • Open wounds
  • Skin diseases
  • Patients with diabetes
  • Epileptic seizures
  • Pregnant women should also be cautious

Despite the fact that these categories of people are suggested to be careful with hot massage, it does not mean that they cannot experience the benefits of massage therapy at all. In our center, various types of massage are suggested for the customers. One can get a full body therapy massage or try stimulating some particular parts: hands and feet or back massage.

Prime Spa has a licensed massage therapist team that provides professional body work.

Why Prime Spa Is The Best Spa in Dubai

If you are reading this article, then you have already found the perfect place to try hot stone massage. 

These are the reasons why:

We know clients' needs

The massage aims at total relaxation, and as a wellness spa, we do everything to ensure high-quality refreshments. The pleasant atmosphere of the center and friendly masseuses will help your mind, body, and soul have full rest.

We use high-quality materials

All massage tools needed for a session are always prepared. Stones for the massage are heated to a comfortable temperature. Top-quality massage oils are involved in enhancing stone slipping.

We are open at a convenient time

After a long day, your organism needs special massage treatment. When your working hours are over, come to the most caring European and Russian massage center in Deira.

Prime Spa Doors Are Open For You

If you face trouble with sore muscles or high blood pressure, you should try a hot stone massage in Prime Spa. This is a safe and secure way to improve circulation (proper blood flow is the key to solving many problems) and relieve back pain.

Be you a resident of Dubai or just a visitor; our doors are always open for you. No more exhausting search queries like "hot stone massage Dubai" or "hot stone massage near me" — you are already in the right place.

On our official site, you can find out the prices on hot stone sessions and other available massage types. The duration of the session is also chosen by the customer: one hour or an hour and a half. To make an appointment, you can either call us now or contact us via WhatsApp. After that, our specialist will be waiting for you at Crowne Plaza Hotel.

The pleasant smell of our essential oils and soft towels will make your massage journey at Prime Spa, Deira, a remarkable experience. We are waiting for you every day, from 10 a.m. to 1 a.m., for a relaxing and healing massage!

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