Lomi Lomi Massage Dubai

AED 550 60 min
AED 750 90 min

There might be times when you get tired from a simple European or Swedish massage and might want to try something new yet as relieving and helpful for your well-being! In this case, the Lomi Lomi massage is exactly what you are looking for!

Prime Spa is your best European and Russian massage spa in Dubai, Deira, which is why you can rely on its licensed massage practitioners to provide you with a calming Lomi Lomi massage or any other techniques that the spa has to offer!

Read this article further in order to learn more about traditional Lomi Lomi therapy and see whether or not you would like to book it in the future!

Lomi Lomi Massage Features

Lomi Lomi is a traditional Hawaiian massage practice that includes not only different massage techniques but nut oils and even dancing and a silent prayer during your session.

  • The massage technique was brought to Ancient Hawaii by Polynesians, and then Hawaiian practitioners improved this traditional Lomi Lomi massage therapy to the form of a structured technique taught nowadays.
  • Some Hawaii citizens are still implementing a practice that includes spiritual healers and traditional Lomi Lomi massage in order to exorcize spirits from people. Because of that, Lomi Lomi was considered to be a heathen practice for some time.
  • And although this restorative massage remained popular throughout the centuries not only for native healers but for foreign residents of Hawaii as well, it has become known across the world only in the 20th century.
  • This happened thanks to Margaret Machado and Abraham Kawaii, who performed lomilomi and then transformed the treatment to be more of calm mental space, a healing environment where the loving touch of a therapist on the connective tissue of your muscles is given without any additional hums.
  • Lomi Lomi massage has a holistic approach and is mostly done with the help of healing slow strokes that not only improve blood circulation but also help you reach a deep sense of relaxation. The main belief lies behind the Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage technique is that we store all of our memories and pains not only in our mind but in the body as well, which is why Lomi Lomi massage aims at helping you relieve all of the worries and aches and pains that your body contains.
  • This Hawaiian massage name is translated as a gentle 'rub rub,' which is exactly the kind of circulatory motion that Hawaiian massage masters will use on you with the help of their palms, elbows, and fingers. 

To make the process more pleasant and help you reach deep relaxation, Lomi Lomi massage will also include the use of macadamia or coconut massage oil to moisturize your skin in the process.

Lomi Lomi Massage Procedure

When entering the room, your massage therapist will either ask you to lie down on a mat on the floor or on the massage table: it all depends on the exact way your Lomi massage therapists are performing this Hawaiian therapy and the techniques they are going to use.

What is more, as Lomi Lomi massage is a practice that uses almost never stopping flowing strokes, you will be covered with just one or two towels so that the process would not get interrupted by inconveniences.

Here are some additional facts about Lomi Lomi massage techniques:

  • During more traditional massage therapy, your session will start with a little moment of silence, in which the hands of a masseuse will be simply lying on your back while she is whispering a prayer for whatever kind of healing that you need.
  • Do not have any clear expectations before your first Lomi Lomi massage session, as there are no two identical ones existing. You can receive a slow and relaxing massage with a nurturing touch or ask for treatment with more rhythmic strokes.
  • It is also common for massage therapists to massage two parts of your body at once: it relaxes you even more as your mind is not concentrating on only one part being massaged. What is more, in some cases, two therapists might be working with you on a Lomi Lomi massage session to create an even deeper level of relaxation in your whole body.
  • Depending on your needs and level of muscle tension, rubbing strokes might be used for a full body or only for some particular parts of it so that your practitioner could create more of a pressure-point massage for you.
  • In sync with the traditional techniques of this restorative massage practice, your massage therapist might also hum a bit during your session. It is believed that the vibrations humming creates are helpful for your healing practice as it will relax you even more and release neuromuscular tension faster. The same is thought about dancing and hula movements that could also take place during your massage therapy.
  • Aside from the possibility of receiving a four hands Lomi Lomi massage, the modern practice of this healing art taken from Hawaii might also include the feet of your therapist: in this case, she will balance herself with the help of a ceiling bar and walk over your body.

A helpful hint would be not to plan anything important right after your session. As you already know, lots of oil or lotion will be used on you during the massage, and it will reach your hair and make it look dirty. Thus, it is better to postpone anything serious for an hour or so, giving you enough time to make yourself look presentable.

Prime Lomi Lomi Massage Advantages

This healing massage practice that was invented on the Hawaiian islands has lots of perks that you could receive after a few full-body sessions.

Here is the list of benefits of massage therapy such as Lomi Lomi:

  • LomiLomi massage that uses a 'loving touch' will leave you with an improved energy flow and blood pressure and without muscle soreness or a headache. The prolonged soothing strokes of practitioners used on your body will relax your tight muscles and make sure that your lymphatic system is working as it should.
  • Your skin will look better after your detoxifying LomiLomi massage session. By using essential oils like macadamia and coconut ones, your licensed massage therapist at Prime Spa will soothe your skin and give it a beautiful pink color.
  • Whether you prefer a traditional Lomi Lomi body therapy to be performed on your body by a practitioner or its modern version, your Lomi Lomi massage will still provide you with a lymphatic drainage effect that will detox your body, improve circulation and make your muscles more flexible, which is exactly what allows you to wake up in the morning with higher energy levels than the day before.
  • You will reach a greater level of peace and comfort after your Hawaiian Lomi spa session. Your energy levels will also increase due to an emotional and muscular tension release during your Lomi Lomi massage made with the healing hands of a massage practitioner.
  • People with chronic lower back pain or any other spinal pains will also benefit from this special massage practice. With the help of stimulating strokes used in your Lomi Lomi back massage, your lymph will be working better, and thus, you will be relieved from any discomfort in that area.
  • In order for you to reduce stress after a long and hard day, you should also try and help your massage therapist by relaxing every part of your body. This will make it easier for the massage practitioner to work on your body and its old patterns and for you to receive a better mind-body connection.

The services of Prime Spa in Deira include Hawaiian Lomi Lomi therapy massage, which is why the clients can easily visit our massage center and book an appointment for a massage that uses gliding strokes and other healing techniques that are adopted from the people of Hawaii.

Getting the Best Massage in Dubai

Whether you want to get a Swedish relaxation massage or a Hawaiian Lomi Lomi one, Prima Spa, located in Deira, is more than happy to provide it to you and help you reach harmony between your body and mind!

Prime Spa has various massage options that you can try out to improve your health, such as a scalp, neck, and facial massage, a full body massage that includes your hands and feet as well, a couples massage, and so on.

Our best spa in Dubai employs ten qualified massage therapists that have been working for us for more than two years. In addition, you could also try out our Sauna together with a swimming pool in order to relax and soothe your skin even more! Visit our spa center and book yourself the Russian or European massage of your life.