Massage for Men Near Me

Different people prefer various approaches to treating their bodies. Some choose manicure and pedicure, some go for chiropractic sessions, and others do yoga, but still, most of us prefer to enjoy a good massage to relieve stress and experience full relaxation. At Prime spa in Deira, you can reach full tranquility, relieve your muscular tension and find harmony in mind and body!

There might be a myth that a therapy like full body oil massage is mostly a female thing. However, the best spas tend to offer a massage for men, too. Here you will find out why it would be a good idea to plan a visit to Prime men spa and what to expect from the best massage for men in Dubai.

Massage Session Advantages

Massages are often associated with relaxation, especially if we talk about back massages or scalp, neck, and facial massage. It is true that even one session reduces stress and helps you unwind and relax. However, apart from relaxing massage, there is a range of other types like sports massage, deep tissue massage, Swedish massage, etc., that you can find different spas.

These techniques can have the following benefits:

  • reduce pain in muscles
  • improve circulation of blood and lymph
  • relieve tension in nerves, primarily in spinal ones
  • have a detoxifying effect
  • help reach a mind-body balance

A proper wellness spa, like our Prime spa center, is a great opportunity to give your body the necessary care and treatment, as well as target issues that might have been bothering you for years.

Types of Massage at Prime

At our Dubai massage spa, you are sure to find a range of massage therapies that will help you reduce stress and your body tension.

Let us take a look at what kinds of male massage you can expect to enjoy if you decide to have a good me-time and treat your body with an amazing massage session:

Swedish Massage

This technique is a combination of massage practices from Greece, China, and Italy, but what makes it stand out are the elements that the Swedish movement cure employs to treat aches and pains and improve the circulation of blood and lymph.

When you need to get rid of muscular tightness, this massage is the right choice. While you are lying on a massage table, a massage therapist will be treating your whole body with gentle but firm fingers, targeting weak spots and giving neuromuscular release to tight muscles so that you can feel a healing effect right away.

Aromatherapy Massage

The benefits of aromatherapy massage are boundless. This type of treatment involves using essential oils combined with lotion to enhance the efficiency of massage therapy.

Depending on the effect you would like to achieve, massage therapists will choose from a variety of aromatic oils, then will be gently applied and rubbing them into the body. For example, lavender is used for a calming effect and the atmosphere of harmony; citrus oils improve lymphatic drainage; peppermint will be good for detox, whereas rosemary will help with a headache and normalize blood pressure.

Deep Tissue Massage

This is one of the massage techniques which implies being in complete silence. Why this massage technique is called so because it works with the connective tissues of the human body.

If you suffer from back pain, muscle tension, and soreness or want to recover from trauma, deep tissue massage can help you with these problems. A masseuse will be pressing different tense areas with fingers to give a myofascial release (fascia is a connective tissue beneath the skin). Rhythmic strokes and movements will be the same as in a traditional massage, but the level of their intensity will be higher.

Relaxing Massage

This classic massage type is probably the most popular around the world and aims to aid your body in letting go of stress and relaxing via gliding and stretching movements that a massage therapist will be performing with their palms. A relaxing massage can take your well-being to an ultimate level, and it is no surprise that a person can even take a short sleep during the session!

Relaxation massage at Prime is done with massage oil for a more soothing and hydrating effect. This full body massage option is also popular for couples massage.

Lomi Lomi Massage

This special massage originated in Hawaii and is different from a traditional European massage. First of all, the session includes two parts: the first is skin and soft tissues treatment, and the second is working on the most problematic zones. Massage therapists use a forearm to perform this massage and help you achieve a state of deep relaxation.

Lomi Lomi body therapy is often accompanied by essential oils, music, and candles. This way, your body relaxes even more, and you feel you can totally unwind.

Bamboo Massage

This healing massage makes use of special massage tools and bamboo sticks, which have a stimulating effect on your body and mind thanks to the properties of this material. Please do not fret about experiencing any kind of discomfort during the session: bamboo massage will only give you a pleasant feeling and positively affect blood circulation and lymph flow.

Hot Stone Massage

Unlike other types of massages where therapists work with a certain pressure point, stone therapy employs hot stones, mostly volcanic basalt, with a temperature of between 110 and 130 degrees Fahrenheit. These stones are placed all over your body, including your lower back, hands, and feet, and help with relieving body aches.

It is important that a therapist knows where exactly to place stones to target a particular issue. We can reassure you that our men's massage center specialists will give you the best treatment in the area.

Four Hands and Six Hands Massages

If you wish to indulge in absolute contentment and feel as relaxed as ever before, you can try a four hands massage or six hands massage at our men spa in Deira. Improve your blood flow, get rid of toxins and enjoy a massage session performed by more than one therapist.

What Do I Expect From My Visit?

You might think: 'There are a lot of mens massage places near me, why do I choose Prime Spa?'.

We will give you the answer. Once you are in our center, our staff, consisting of ten professional massage therapists, will take good care of you. First, you can enjoy a shower, and we will provide you with clean, soft towels. Then you can forget about all your problems and relish a chosen wellness massage. At the end of your visit, you can chill in a sauna or swim in a pool.

The location is also super convenient: we are based in a Crown Plaza Hotel in Deira, so you will not have any trouble finding us.

Visit Prime Spa for The Best Men's Massages

It goes without saying that one should only turn to a licensed massage therapist to make the most of a massage session and to achieve the maximum effect. If you are wondering 'where is the first-rate men's massage center near me?', Prime Spa is the answer. Our therapists have undergone professional training and have all the necessary knowledge and years of experience to provide you with the best men massage in Dubai.

So if you are looking for a professional massage for men in the best spa in Dubai with a convenient location, do not wait a moment before you schedule an appointment with our Prime Spa center!

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