Massage Therapy Dubai

Welcome to Prime Spa in Deira! We are a high-end European and Russian massage center and spa in Dubai. We have been working and offering professional massage therapy in Deira for two years straight. All of them are performed by a team of 10 certified massage therapists.

This page contains all the necessary information about spa massage therapy. Read it to find out what health benefits of the therapy and what types of massage are available in the Prime Spa center of European and Russian massage in Dubai.

What Exactly is Massage Therapy?

Massage therapy is usually considered a form of complementary and alternative medicine. According to the data from the National Center of Complementary and Integrative Health, in medical massage therapy, you can make the most of your massage if you combine it with other medical treatments and do it regularly.

However, it depends on your specific needs and requirements. You can greatly benefit only from massage therapy if you struggle with muscle tension, blood pressure issues, poor sleep quality, anxiety, aches, and pains.

Types of Massage Available in Prime Spa

Prime spa, with its massive range of services and massage therapists, is a perfect place for you to try any type of massage therapy and decide on your favorite one. Here is the list of the available therapies with short descriptions of their massage techniques and benefits.

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage serves as the perfect first massage therapy for newcomers to our massage center. Dubai Prime Spa offers Swedish massage therapy for a pleasant price. This type of massage causes chronic pain relief, helps you feel emotional and physical calm, relaxes all parts of the body and mind, and brings harmony back to you. Compared to deep tissue treatment, this one is more of a gentle massage type, so it can serve as a form of prenatal massage.

Hot Stone Massage

This type of massage has splendid therapeutic and relaxing properties. A massage therapist uses hot stones as the main massage tools to relieve muscle tension, boost the quality of your blood flow and decrease the sharp pain intensity. An emotional healing component is another benefit of this massage style. The applied stones are of certain types. All of them have specific minerals and healing properties. Some stones are just applied to your body; others are used for producing slow strokes with a light pressure on your soft tissue to help your body work more efficiently. Reduced anxiety, upped the energy, deep relaxation in your hands and feet, and better blood circulation - this is what you get after this therapeutic massage session.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage can be a form of sports massage as long as it prevents and treats sports injuries, reduces muscle soreness, and directly affects connective tissues. Besides, deep tissue massage focuses on your neuromuscular system and promotes emotional stability. A licensed massage therapist will perform a deep finger pressure on every trigger point, massage your deep tissue, and use stimulating rhythmic motions in your spinal area to promote relaxation and improve circulation in these parts. Also, a masseuse can use an elbow, a forearm, and even feet to promote firm pressure on your tight muscles. Health conditions for this form of massage include repetitive use injury, muscle soreness, unsatisfactory well-being, and issues connected with the lymph fluids in your soft tissue.

Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatic oil massage is a sort of classic massage therapy. Dubai has plenty of massage centers offering this body therapy. However, Prime Spa in Deira has the best facilities and massage therapists responsible for this kind of European massage. The range of oils is huge, bath garments and towels are brand new and clean, and massage rooms are fashionably decorated. You can choose any oil, starting from avocado and ending with lavender.

During the session, a massage therapist applies essential oils to your body, which easily soak into your skin, thereby affecting your connective tissue and the control group of your overworking muscles. You can regain your mind-body unity after just one aromatherapy session in this wellness spa.

Bamboo Massage

As for Dubai, massage treatment with bamboo sticks is popular with both tourists and citizens. Sticks, used as a massage tool, efficiently relieve tension in your cramped muscles, lift your mood, reduce stress, and recover your soft tissues. Though you may feel a bit weird at the beginning of the session, you will feel relaxation in every former pressure point after. Bamboo therapy is perfect for treating lower-back pain, so keep it in mind if you suffer from it.

Relaxing Massage

This is one of the massage styles that are most suitable for people who lead both sedentary and active lifestyles. Though it is the opposite of a sports massage, it still can require using pulsing or rhythmic pressure, which is most helpful in relieving muscle tension and working on trigger point areas. A massage therapist can use massage oil or a hydrating lotion to perform more gliding and soothing strokes and reduce any potential discomfort. No deep pressure is used in the relaxing full body massage; only gentle pressure and calming moves are involved. Such regular sessions guarantee you will get rid of anxiety, reduce symptoms of exhaustion, detox, and relieve stress.

Advantages of Massage Therapy at Prime

The benefits of massage therapy are immense and cover all systems in your organism. To start with, you relieve pain in your muscular system, which is particularly great if you happen to have some muscle injuries. Then, your body goes through the detoxifying process. Your circulatory and lymphatic systems get much better. Finally, no anxiety or stress is left after the therapy.

These are the common key advantages of all massage styles. However, each style has even more specific ones. Come to Prime Spa, the best spa in Dubai, to give your body a gift of deep recreation, rejuvenation, and freedom from pain, which is what you deserve.

Prime Spa Best Massage Deals

Prime Spa in Deira meets the demand for "the best massage therapy near me" perfectly. Ten therapists offer the most quality European and Russian massage. Dubai is, generally, a great place for both healing massage and relaxation massage. However, there you will have the wellness massage of a lifetime. The range of services varies from deep tissue massage to stone therapy. There are forms of a sports massage, alternatives for a pregnancy massage, options to boost the flow of the lymph, and possibilities for a couples massage, including scalp, neck, and facial massage and back massage options.

Come to the Prime Spa in Deira and get your unforgettable special massage therapy in UAE.