Relaxing Massage in Dubai

AED 300 60 min
AED 400 90 min

Relax massage therapy is one of the most common massage techniques in the world. It is especially popular among those who do not want special treatment for particular body zones. Besides, relax massage is applied with gentle pressure and is not painful as some other types of massage.

Even though a relaxing massage sounds like usual massage therapy, there is more you need to know about it. All massage therapies at Primespa in Deira are very special and bring different benefits to your health. For instance, deep tissue massage and sports massage are supposed to solve the health problems of people who experience overloading and do sports. Special massage therapy such as Lomi Lomi or bamboo massage is recommended for those who want to improve the appearance of their skin and body. Relax massage has its benefits which will be described in this review.

So, if you are interested in relax massage and want to learn more about it before visiting a session at Prime Spa, this review will help you.

Relaxation Massage Description

Relaxation massage is unique as its only goal is to relax your body and mind. It is not meant to manipulate connective tissue or facilitate lymphatic drainage. Relax massage is a usual full-body therapy or back massage that combines techniques of different massages but is smooth and gentle without the application of massage tools.

The main idea of relax massage is the deep relaxation of the customer. Laying on the massage table, you should take the whole procedure as it is and not resist it with your brain. The calming atmosphere achieved with the pleasant music and usage of essential oils contribute to the effect of massage and relieve tension in your body.

If you want to try our relax massage in Dubai, reduce stress, and enjoy relaxation therapy, contact Prime SPA and make an appointment for this session.

Benefits of Relaxation Massage Therapy

Every treatment to your body should bring only benefits to your health. So, relax massage performed by a licensed massage therapist is not an exception. Relaxation therapy is a healing massage for tight muscles, knots, blood circulation, lower back pain, and headache. It eliminates discomfort from your body and allows you to feel refreshed and renewed again.

By choosing a relax massage treatment in Dubai, you will receive the following benefits of massage therapy:

  • Enhanced well-being — of course, your back and neck will feel relieved from the pain, but general well-being will also improve because relax massage sessions influence both body and mind.
  • Aches and pains removal — working on your body therapist will apply rhythmic strokes, skin, and muscles rolling, gliding rubbing, and kneading to the pressure point. All these techniques will reduce muscle tension and relieve muscular pains and other aches which bother you.
  • Stimulating blood circulation — a fast-moving massage technique helps the body to facilitate blood flow, saturate it with oxygen and create a hydrating effect. Moreover, relax massage can be helpful for weight control as it regulates lymph flow and eliminates toxins.
  • Mind-body harmony — relaxing atmosphere in the massage room and the addition of essential oils allow your brain to forget about stress and anxiety. It builds a tight connection between body and head relaxation.

So, relax massage can bring much more benefits than you can expect. It is not only a relaxing session but also a detoxifying one. Prime SPA is a relax massage center in Dubai that can guide you through the way of healing minor health issues and finding balance.

Relaxing Massage at Prime SPA Dubai

The main goal of our work is to satisfy client's needs and assist them in the improvement of their health. Even a usual relaxing massage can be helpful in the achievement of this goal. Besides, massage therapists working at Prime relax SPA Dubai cares about the comfort and sensations of our customers. All services offered at Prime SPA are performed by highly professional masseuses and are intended to make your life happier with a healthy body and mind.

You can choose a massage session you need among the variety of presented ones at Prime SPA. While relaxing massage is one of the most popular services at our massage center, there are more specific massage therapies available here. So, you can look through the catalog of our services and choose one of these massage techniques: hot stone therapy, aromatherapy massage, bamboo massage, deep tissue massage, four-hands massage, and others. A more detailed description of other services, prices, and other information is available on our website.

Furthermore, if you are not sure about the therapy massage you need, you can contact us and receive personal recommendations. We are always happy to help and guide you through the sphere of massage therapy.

Book Relax Massage Session

There are many options to choose from when you are searching for the "relaxation massage near me." However, not every SPA center is ready to treat clients like Prime SPA does. Our massage therapists do everything to make the massage session relieving and create a cozy and soothing atmosphere around.

Plan your day, and do not forget to include a relax massage session into the schedule. You can easily make an appointment online by calling us or texting via messengers if you are sure of your massage therapy choice. Each masseuse working at Prime SPA will consider your preferences on the level of pressure, the scent of aromatic massage oil, length of the session, and other peculiarities. It is the priority of relax massage SPA to make everything in the way the client wants to improve the body work.

Besides, when you come to Prime SPA in Deira, Dubai, do not worry about the towels and your privacy. We will provide the equipment that you need for the session and guarantee your body relaxes. The typical whole body session lasts for one hour, but you can prolong it to 90 minutes if you want to get better results.

Contact our relax massage Dubai Prime SPA center online or visit us at Crowne Plaza Hotel, Deira. The prime center is one of the best SPA in Dubai, with a convenient location and certified masseuses only. Do not miss this chance to improve your well-being, detox your body, and eliminate long-lasting pains!

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