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In recent years, American and European massage therapists have displayed specific interest in Russian spa procedures. This happened due to the peculiarities of this massage therapy. Russian spa treatment produces remarkable effects on the mind, body, and soul.

The service of Russian massage in Dubai is famous all over the world. There is no need to go halfway around the world and visit a Russian massage center to get high-quality services. Top Russian spa treatment is already available next to you.

In Prime Spa center, a professional team of massage therapists will take you to the private treatment rooms so that you can experience the best Russian spa in Dubai. We already have a reputation as the best European spa center in the city. If you are tired of ordinary hands and feet stimulation or couples massage, the best European massage and the best Russian spa sessions are already waiting here for you.

What Is a Russian Spa After All?

When we think of massage, we usually imagine old Chinese or Indian time-tested techniques that proved to have healing qualities. 

And though Russian spa techniques also represent a combination of several traditional strokes, their main differences were introduced in the Soviet Union in the middle of the XXth century.

  • The very first steps in traditional Soviet massage were made because of a significant shortage of medicines. A session of professional massage was considered to be a sort of replacement for pills. Luckily, massage indeed proved to be effective in solving certain health-related problems. Chronic neck and back pains, headaches, and blood pressure abnormalities could be managed with massage procedures, which is why local professionals started to treat them all over the Soviet Union.
  • The list of diseases that could be taken under control with massage sessions continued to grow as further research was conducted. Now people with some particular lung diseases (asthma), carpal tunnel syndrome, and immune function syndromes could receive at least some effective treatment. Even those who experienced stomach cramps and constipation were recommended to practice massage on a regular basis. Several sessions could considerably ease the problem of insomnia and anxiety.
  • The length of the sessions varied depending on the needs of the patients. One Russian (Soviet back at the time) massage procedure could take 15 minutes or an hour and a half. If the session lasted 15 minutes or so, the procedure could be repeated several times a day. Longer sessions usually did not require repetitions.
  • Now, the usual time for a single procedure is 60 min long. An extended version of the session lasts 90 minutes, but the timing always depends on the center. Modern services achieved noticeable progress in increasing customers' comfort but kept the main benefits of sports-like Russian massage.
  • Russian spa indeed has similarities with the European spa. The massage techniques used in the Russian case remind us of those usually applied in European spa techniques. For instance, traditional Swedish massage aims at deep relaxation achieved by soothing, gliding, and rubbing strokes. Russian spa in Dubai also pursues a relaxing goal, yet local and European therapists claim that it does not have to be its only mission.
  • In a sense, Russian spa treatment appears to be similar to sports massage. Professional Russian spa therapists explain that sports massage aims at a 'real' body therapy, with muscle tension relieving. This is a healing massage, stimulating blood flow and managing stress.

Russian spa in Dubai resembles deep tissue massage, which is also suggested as an example of massage therapy. Like deep tissue massage, Russian massage reaches and relaxes "deeper layers" of the body. Ordinary Swedish massage might fail to relieve tension; that is why for those who seek a deep relaxing feeling of the whole body Russian spa in our massage center in Dubai will be the perfect treatment.

Prime Russian Massage Pros

Dubai and European massage therapists claim that there are significant benefits of massage therapy of such kind. Where the ordinary Swedish massage or aromatherapy massage appears to be not enough in, for instance, providing relief of lower-back pain, deep tissue massage or Russian massage becomes salvation.

Let's take a closer look at what Russian therapy massage can do for you.

Ease aches and pains

People suffering from chronic pain know how unpleasant the signals can be. In some cases, relaxing tight muscles might help. These are mainly cases of back and neck pain. Sometimes, scalp, neck, and facial massage or traditional back massage can help as well.
Another way to deal with, for instance, periodic headache symptoms is to improve blood circulation. The effect might be achieved with European massage as well, but deep tissue massage and especially Russian massage proved to be the most effective when it comes to lymph and blood circulation.

Improve flexibility

An unexpected yet important benefit of a Russian spa is that it helps your body to be more flexible. A traditional relaxing massage might not achieve this goal. The Russian massage technique resembles some yoga practices, which is why even a single 60 min or 90 min procedure can make a difference.

Reduce stress

Feeling relaxed is essential in the stressful modern world. However, sometimes it might be hard to relax, especially if you have any work- or family-related troubles. A proper relaxation massage can change the situation.

Although Russian or deep tissue massage can hardly be called really a relaxing massage, it does have a relaxing effect. The essential oils and professional palms of a licensed massage therapist provide the perfect treatment of both body and mind.

Improve metabolism

Once the circulatory processes are fixed, you might also expect the metabolic processes to improve. People with extra weight are recommended to attend massages and improve circulation for that purpose.

Due to the fact that overweight people have higher risks of getting heart diseases, the best idea will be to address the massage therapists and get membership in the center of massage in Dubai.


Aromatherapy massage or European spa is not always applicable to solving problems of professional or semi-professional sportsmen. A relaxing massage is always a plus, but to make sure that the muscles recover properly, choosing deep tissue techniques is preferable.

Massage stimulations proved to be helpful for neuromuscular apparatus and connective tissue recovery. They can eliminate unpleasant discomfort and improve the situation.

Self-love procedure

A competitive everyday life might make us forget about ourselves and focus on goal achievement. Living like that is far from well-being. Attending a professional massage center in Dubai might solve the problem at least partly.

A pleasant massage experience not only allows for relaxing and decreasing the level of anxiety but also has a detoxifying effect: removing toxins from the body is associated with mood and skin condition improvement. The nice smell and texture of the lotion will add to the whole massage experience and make it a remarkable event.

The Best Russian Massage Center in Deira Dubai

If you are reading this article, it means that you have already found the best Russian spa in Dubai. With Prime Spa, you will experience all the benefits of luxury massage therapy and notice the first changes from the first session.

Prime Spa in Dubai is located in the Deira district. High-quality body work, however, is not the only outstanding quality of our center.

  • Orientation to customers' needs

We know our clients and are ready to suggest the best individual therapy massage in Dubai. We have been functioning for 2 years now and have made dozens of customers a little bit happier. Our team consists of 10 top therapists who aim to bring harmony to the clients' souls during marvelous wellness massage sessions. Our amazing deals will contribute to the pleasant well-being experience and eliminate any discomfort.

  • Various types of massage available

Those who are interested in professional Russian spa in Dubai will find what they need here. An experienced therapist team can provide Russian massage therapy via either 60 min or 90 min sessions, improve your blood flow and deal with muscular adhesions.

On the contrary, relaxing massage lovers will be able to eliminate stress and get full body detox with an aromatherapy massage or a European spa. Other massage options imply using heated stones or bamboo sticks, but all massage tools are always well prepared and are of good quality.

  • Easy to schedule the session

Prime Spa suggests two ways to make an appointment. You can either call directly to the center or send a request with WhatsApp to get your relaxing massage in the Russian style.

As a top wellness spa in Dubai, we are open every day, and you can choose the most convenient time for the session. Our doors are open from 10:00 a.m. to 01:00 a.m. daily.

Attending our best Russian spa after long working hours is a nice ending to the business day. A customer can choose a 60 min or a 90 min session of local luxury massage with a professional therapist. This is a perfect way to get rid of stress and relax after work.

  • Pleasant atmosphere

As a well-being spa in Dubai, we do our best to make your Russian spa procedure a particularly comfortable experience. The nice smell of the aromatic massage oil, soft towels, and a friendly masseuse that will accompany you during the entire session will make the procedure of Russian therapy a very special massage.
No more need to Google "Russian spa near me" or "Russian massage near me" — to get luxury spa offers and massage in Dubai, contact Prime Spa massage center. We provide the services of professional Russian massage daily. The massage experience in the best spa in Dubai will bring unforgettable feelings and emotions to an ordinary massage session.

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