Six-Hands Massage Dubai

AED 1300 60 min
AED 1700 90 min

If you have already tried various types of massage performed by a single masseuse, a six-hands massage is a next step on your way to deep relaxation and mind, body, and soul-soothing. 60 min or 90 min massage sessions in the company of three therapists will open a new level of healing experience for you.

The Prime Spa massage center in Deira is the perfect place to try various massage techniques, including six hands massage. Local massage treatment lasting from 60 min to 90 min is known for its pain-relieving qualities, including both body and mind "aches and pains." To get the highest quality massage in Dubai, contact our wellness spa in Crowne Plaza Hotel.

What Is Six Hands Massage?

The title of this massage technique speaks for itself: three massage therapists perform massage therapy with the help of the power of their hands. Six-hands massage involves soothing strokes and deep healing sensations, guaranteed due to the increased stimulation of the body. This is real body work: a licensed massage therapist team manipulates your body to improve blood circulation and achieve the maximum detoxifying effect.

60 min body therapy can improve circulation already, whereas 90 min therapy massage might have an even more calming effect on the whole body. Usually, a six-hands massage is applied to the full body, not only hands and feet, and the experience demonstrates that even three massage sessions might make a significant difference. This is an argument for regular massage treatment, yet, even one session can help in relaxing tight muscles and reducing stress.

Obvious Advantages of Six Hands Massage

If you have already had the experience of European massage, couples massage, or aromatherapy massage, you know the benefits of the proper stimulations for every part of the organism, starting with blood and lymph circulation and finishing with connective tissue management.

There are different reasons for people to choose massage techniques involving three therapists. Below, we listed the main significant benefits of massage therapy of such kind:

Chronic Pain Relief

Six-hands massage involves 3 times more intense massage treatment. This approach can relieve joint pain and lower-back pain — one of the most popular chronic illnesses in the modern world. Stimulating trigger points, three therapists deal with the headache, normalize blood flow and blood pressure, and eliminate muscle tension.

Chronic pains are not the only pains to massage with this massage. Massage stimulations proved to be useful in neuromuscular and muscular apparatus treatment, and people with spinal cord injuries especially benefit from the procedure.

Stabilizes Immune System

Six-hand massage is also known for improving the general immune system condition. Of course, to achieve the best results, one 60 min or 90 min session will hardly be enough. Yet, it is called 'healing massage' for a reason: a proper relaxing massage can improve circulatory function and remove toxins.

Self-care Procedure

Some people might visit a special massage room with three therapists not to solve a particular physical health problem, like poor blood circulation or too high blood pressure. On the contrary, they might try one session of a six-hand massage to heal the mind. Saying that, we mean internal detox: aromatic essential oils and gliding movements together help relieve stress and achieve harmony inside you. Professional palms performing relaxation massage can do real magic with your mind when every cell of your body relaxes.

Reasons To Choose Prime Spa

If you are a guest in Dubai or live here permanently, there is no more need to google "massage near me." You are already in the right place. Prime Spa is one of the best European and Russian Dubai massage spa. Six-hands massage is a service that we can be proud of.

Different Duration Options

It is always up to you how long you would like your six-hands massage to last: we suggest 60 min and 90 min options. For a reasonable price, you receive either 1 or 1.5 hours of professional six hands therapy.

Easy to Contact

Currently, Prime Spa massage center Dubai, is available in two ways: you can call us now and order a six-hands massage session directly, or you can write to us on WhatsApp.

Perfect Time

We are open from 10:00 a.m. to 01:00 a.m. You will definitely find a perfect time that will fit your schedule. The price of the massage sessions does not depend on the time of the procedure: yet, it is associated with the duration of one.

If you are interested in a six-hands massage, AED 1300 is the regular price for a 60 min procedure, and AED 1700 is the price for a 90 min procedure.

Ten Professional Massage Therapists

The procedures are always held in accordance with the rules, and the massage tools applied during the therapy are of high quality.

Special Offers Available

As the best spa in Dubai, we provide various massage and spa services, including stone therapy (hot stones), Lomi Lomi massage, deep tissue massage, and a range of others. 60 min or 90 min rules are applicable to all massage options.

If you have never tried Dubai massage, consider this to be a sign for you. You can start with something smaller like the scalp, neck, and facial massage, or try a six-hand massage right away. A massage can be considered a real wellness massage when a nice smell of lotion and soft towels make the customer's mind relax and get rid of anxiety, whereas rhythmic rubbing movements remove discomfort in the muscles under stimulation.

At Prime Spa, the service that you will receive will astound you and please! As a well-being spa, we provide top-quality services both during 60 min or 90 min sessions. Our doors are open for you every day within our working hours. You will easily find our center in Crowne Plaza Hotel, Deira, Dubai.

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