Best Swedish Massage in Dubai

AED 420 60 min
AED 550 90 min

Swedish massage is the perfect choice for any person. It does not matter whether you are a newbie going on your first massage session or an old client of Prime Spa and massage in Deira who wants to receive a great relaxation massage.

Whatever technique you would like to try out, Prime Spa is the best European and Russian massage center and spa in Dubai, which is why you can always rely on its therapists to give you the most relaxing massage!

What is Swedish Massage Therapy?

Swedish massage techniques are the most common techniques used in almost any form of massage or as an independent practice that simply makes your body work better.

The main benefit of a Swedish massage is its versatility. Swedish massage techniques can be applied to people with any health conditions and needs. Because of that, you can hear people call this practice to be classic massage therapy.

When going onto your traditional Swedish massage therapy, you can expect the following techniques to be implemented by your massage therapist:

  • kneading movement;
  • gliding strokes of superficial effleurage;
  • tapping and squeezing with the help of fingers and hands.

Swedish Therapy Specs

Long strokes will be the most used technique of your massage therapist, as the main goal of a Swedish massage is to focus on your soft tissues and muscle tension relief that could be brought to you after a good session.

Your session will be around 60 or 90 minutes, with you lying on a massage table the whole time. And unlike some other techniques, Swedish massage does not require you to be almost or completely naked. She might also turn on some music to help you relax even more, but if you do not want it to be played, you could always inform her about it.

It might also be important for some of you to inform your therapist about your skin peculiarities: for instance, you might have an allergic reaction to particular oils or have sensitive skin that needs a very accurate touch.

What is more, do not be shy to ask your massage therapist to either decrease or increase the tension used by her, as it is extremely important not to make the situation worse for your already tight muscles. The opposite situation might also take place, and in this case, you need to ensure that your session is not a waste.

You know your body better than everybody else, and if this is not your first Swedish massage session, then you definitely could ask your massage therapist to do the technique that is the most efficient for your problem or brings the highest level of relaxation and tension relief in your tight muscles.

Benefits of Swedish Massage at Prime

Swedish massage involves long strokes and massage oil or lotion that together will promote blood circulation and provide you with many therapeutic benefits, which is exactly why it is one of the most popular forms of massage therapy.

The ability of a Swedish massage to increase blood flow and lymphatic drainage will also help to create a calming effect on your nervous system and, thus, on your overall psychological state. This therapeutic massage will make sure that you reach harmony between your body and mind.

Here are some additional benefits of this relieving massage made by one of the massage therapists at Prime Spa:

  • Swedish massage can be done on your whole body or be more of a pressure-point relaxing experience that could help you release tension in particular nerve endings. All in all, you can control your massage therapy and inform your therapist about your needs and feelings throughout the entire session so that the muscles that need more pressure from your therapist will receive it.
  • Swedish full-body massage is also known for its ability to reduce symptoms of chronic aches and pains. By applying pressure on particular parts of your muscles, the masseuse could work through your muscular tension and make sure that you can relax and leave your session without any pain symptoms. Swedish back massage is also a great practice for people with lower back pain.
  • A regular Swedish massage will prevent your body and muscles from any health problems in the future. The therapist will have an opportunity to give you many benefits of massage therapy like that on a constant basis, which means that the treatment will have a detoxifying effect on your body and make sure that your lymph is working as it should be. This, in turn, will help you not only to relax your muscles but to feel fewer pain symptoms as well.
  • Spinal pain is not the only one that you can relieve after a Swedish massage session. This type of massage can also help you with a headache. It is often the case that this pain can be produced not only by your constant mental activities but by your neck muscles as well. And as Swedish massage involves treatment of this area, you will have an opportunity to release tension from your head and leave your session without any temple pressure.

All of these reasons make people interested in receiving a Swedish massage treatment, and Prime Spa will be more than happy to provide you with such a type of massage in Dubai, Deira! Your licensed massage therapist will make sure to listen to all of your desires and apply pressure whenever you need it in order to detox your body, improve circulation and leave you completely relaxed!

Swedish Massage Vs. Deep Tissue Massage

It is very common for people to compare Swedish massage with deep tissue massage. However, although they may appear somewhat similar on the surface, they are quite different in their essence and have a few key differences.

Swedish massage uses commonly offered massage techniques and is the best massage for your soft tissues, as it helps you by improving blood circulation, releasing muscle tension, and providing you with stress relief.

What is more, Swedish massage can be combined with various massage tools taken from other types of massage, such as essential oils. Including lavender oil or any other one in your session will transform your traditional Swedish massage into an aromatherapy one. Such an easy integration of a Swedish massage with other techniques will ensure that you reach a state of deep relaxation and reduce stress levels after a long hard day.

Deep tissue massage, on the contrary, is a special massage technique that has more serious health benefits provided to people, and it is definitely not a practice that can be used by everybody. The deep tissue massage technique consists of deep, circular movements that are aimed at the connective tissue of your injured muscles.

And because of that, the firm pressure applied by your massage therapist will be much stronger, which means that deep tissue massage will not be bearable for everybody, and it should not be, as this healing massage technique aims at purposes related not only to relaxing tight muscles but on soothing nerves and breaking down scar tissues as well.

While Swedish massage is applicable to any person, deep tissue massage is usually used on people with sports traumas and other serious medical conditions. Both techniques can promote relaxation and increase your blood flow, but on different levels and in particular situations.

Getting the Best Swedish Massage, Dubai

Looking for the nearby massage center? Then Prime Spa is exactly what you need! Our massage spa in Deira has 10 massage therapists, a swimming pool, and a sauna to ensure that your well-being is only improved after your time spent here!

Prime Spa has been working for over 2 years and is capable of providing you with various massage treatments, Swedish massage included! Your masseuse will provide you with whatever type of body therapy that you want: whether you desire to receive a couples massage, a rhythmic European massage session with fast circulatory motions, or something calmer and dedicated to one part of your body, our therapist will ensure to give you that.

We have lots of techniques and tools that can help you relax, from a stimulating scalp, neck, and facial massage to a more traditional oil massage, all of which can help you to release neuromuscular tension.

Visit our Prime spa in Deira, and our therapists will make sure that your mind-body connection is restored, your hands and feet are relaxed, and your mood is brightened!

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